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  • MAV (001 or 002 - used when two cohorts are on a module)
  • Single page per semester (suitable for small classes).
  • Show week numbers rather than dates.
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Other Applications

NEW Timetable checks
Check the 2013/4 TR1 timetable.
Data Entry Sheets for Module Marks
Work in progress.
Coursework Hand In Report
You can see who has, and who has not handed coursework into the School Office
Monitor One to One Take up
Record which One-to-one interviews have taken place and which have been scheduled. We need to monitor which students have been offered a one-to-one and which students have taken up a one-to-one.
View Details of Groups of Students
Detailed reports.
Maintenance options
Do not use
Set up lists of students and monitor progress.
Module Analysis (Old version)
View details of pass rates for groups of modules (Original interface)
Programme Analysis
View details of pass rates for groups of programmes/levels
Upload scans of attendance sheets
Have your attendance data processed automatically.
Personal Tutor Group Meetings
Record attendance at personal tutor group sessions.
Module Attendance Take Up
View the modules for which attendance data is available.
Assign Project Supervisors
Assign supervisors and second markers to projects.


Setting up groups.
Email students.
Printing Class Lists.

Changes to tracker 2013/4

Tracker now uses data from the timetable system in attendance records.